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It’s Over!

2010-10-17T19:19:03+00:00October 17th, 2010|Orchard News|

Apple season 2010 has come to a close. We are now closed for the season. We will re-open around Labor Day of 2011. Thank you for a wonderful season!

Orchard Season Coming to an End

2010-10-11T20:07:07+00:00October 11th, 2010|Orchard News|

The 2010 Apple season is nearly complete. As such, we will be closed during the week, re-opening this Friday at Noon through the weekend for sales of seconds. These apples will be sold for $0.30 / lb. Thank you for a great season!

U-Pick Season Cut Short [WNDU-TV]

2010-10-04T20:12:00+00:00October 4th, 2010|Orchard News|

Radke Orchards was covered in a news special on WNDU-TV about the shortened U-Pick season this year, due to the abnormal Spring weather pattern. See the full story and video here: //

Season nearing completion

2010-10-03T08:50:25+00:00October 3rd, 2010|Orchard News|

It has been a quick season for us at Radke Orchards, and we are nearly picked out with the exception of 3 varieties: Mustu Golden Delicious Granny Smith Most other varieties are still available in extremely limited quantities. Varieties that are completely picked out include: Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Fuji, Gala, Cameo